IAT Mod / Air Intake Mod Facts

Also Known A IAT Timing Tricker
“Purpose: Will increase your timing which will help improve your drag strip time. This mod has been shown to increase timing by as much as 1.5 degree’s. This modification is NOT suggested to do if you have knock retard or detonation. When you are in an environment where the intake air temperature is below 57 °F this modification will not benefit your cars performance. These conditions will hurt performance instead of improving it.”

-Auto Insider
“This mod will modify your stock ECU with a Timing Advance resistor. This resistor connects to the car’s ECU by replacing the Intake Airflow Temperature (IAT) Sensor. Once the resistor is installed, the ECU will read that the air coming in through the intake is cold air; think of it as a “default” setting on the ECU. When the ECU reads this, it lean out the air/fuel mixture–in other words, it will take in more air, and then add more fuel to compensate for the extra air coming in, thus producing more power and advancing timing 1 to 2 degrees. Our module will automatically tune your vehicles Air/Fuel Ratio Mixture to run at stoichiometric levels. This in return will help you to save more fuel and since your vehicle will be tuned, you will gain horsepower while saving fuel!” -InstallUniversity

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